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    Karen Moreau
    Executive director of the New York Petroleum Council, an arm of the giant American Petroleum Institute. The group represents some of the world's biggest energy companies. Executive director of the New York Petroleum Council, an arm of the giant American Petroleum Institute. The group represents some of the world's biggest energy companies. Find out more

    Till Kahrs
    Communication Consultant/ Trainer /Speaker/ Author "Enhancing Your Presentation Skills & Conquering Your Fear Of Public Speaking" Find out more

    Todd Elliott
    A Rose By Many Other Names Rose Cherami and the JFK Assassination The 50th Anniversary Of The JFK Assassination Find out more

    Bill Driscoll, Navy ACE/ Vietnam War Author: Peak Performance Under Pressure: How to Achieve Extraordinary Results Under Difficult Circumstances
    Find out more

    Dr. Scott Bolton
    Director, Space Science and Engineering Division, Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) and Principal Investigator, NASA's Juno Mission to Jupiter
    Find out more and www.solarsystem.nasa.gov

    David Misch
    An establisher comedy writer for shows from "Mork & Mindy" to "Saturday Night Live" (SNL). In his new book, Funny, the book he looks back at what made and makes America laugh at others and themselves.
    Find out more and see a performance/

    Allison Arngrim
    Actress and author of Confessions of a Prairie BitchAlison Arngrim, is most famous for her iconic character of Nellie Oleson on the 11 year hit series "Little House on the Prairie." In fact, Vanity Fair chose the character as the #1 Bitch of in all TV History, second to Joan Collins Alexis Colby. This has led to a world wide cult following. When Asked about the publics response to her famous alter-ego, Alison says "Someone has called me a bitch to my face every single day of my life since I was 11 years old." Since the launch of her book in June 2010, Alison has been on a whirlwind tour including Philadelphia, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, Boston, New York, Denver, Knoxville, and even Walnut Grove, as well as a broad to Paris, London and Venice. The book has remained on the top of the sales lists through out the year. Now, the book will be released in Trade Paperback on June 14th.
    Find out more at http://www.hgd.com/alison/

    Annie Jacobsen
    Author of Area 51 - An uncensored history of America's top secret military base

    Dr. Steven L. Oscherwitz
    Contagion: Infectious disease specialist
    American Board of Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases

    Pat Woods
    Over 30 years in government; NASA memories

    Edward Dolnick
    Author of The Clockwork Universe Issac Newton, the Royal Society and the Birth of the Modern World
    Robert Silas
    Co-author Faded Giant, The 1967 Missile/UFO Incident

    Antonio Huneeus
    Chilean-American science journalist J. Antonio Huneeus is considered one of the world's top experts on UFOs. When Laurance S. Rockefeller commissioned Marie Galbraith and Sandra S. Wright to assemble a report on the best evidence for UFOs to send members of Congress and selected VIPs worldwide in the mid-90s, Huneeus was one of the co-authors (with Don Berliner and M. Galbraith). This report was recently published as a Dell paperback under the title of šUFO Briefing Document - The Best Available Evidence.
    Find out more at www.openminds.tv

    Hernan Posada
    UAV Pilot of unmanned aircraft system, Ikhana
    from the Dryden Flight Research Center

    Travis L. Ayres
    Author of The Bomber Boys: The Heroes Who Flew the B17s in WWII

    Dr. Derek B. Fox
    Gamma Ray Bursters
    Pennsylvania State U., Assoc. Prof. of Astrophysics

    Peter A. Karpaty
    Author of Chain Bridge to the Golden Gate and record holding pilot on living the American Dream

    Joe Sutter
    Chief Design Engineer for Boeing 747
    Author of 747

    Charles R. Loeber
    Author of Building the Bombs, A History of the Nuclear Weapons Complex

    David Stumpf
    Author of Titan II, A History of A Cold War Missile System

    Morris R. Jeppson
    One of the last crew members of the Enola Gay
    Dropped the atomic bomb, "Little Boy," on Hiroshima

    Dark Energy
    Dr. Robert P. Kirshner
    Clowes professor of Science and Master of Quincey House, Harvard

    Harrison H. Schmitt
    Apollo 17 astronaut and last man to walk on the moon
    Author of Return to the moon

    Mohamed Ahmed
    I Love it here, but it isn't easy: An Egyptian Student in America

    Aaron Gardner
    Director of Public Affairs for Americans for Technology Leadership
    Daylight Saving Time/Changes and History
    The congressional debate over expanding daylight saving time barely caused a ripple in the spring and summer of 2005. It was buried in a wide-ranging energy bill that got attention for granting tax breaks to oil and gas companies.
    Find out more at www.its.caltech.edu/~kip/

    Granger Whitelaw
    President and Chief Executive Officer of the Rocket Racing League, overseeing the league's management, operations, partnerships and corporate affairs.
    Mr. Whitelaw is the Founding Partner and Managing Director of BlueCar Partners, LLC, a global venture-consulting firm that provides capital, strategic consulting and business development services to promote the growth and success of innovative companies. Over the past 15 years, Mr. Whitelaw has led the firm in the launch and expansion of more than 20 companies, including the AMBER Development Group which supports the next-generation of the Amber Alert system, International Fuel Technology, a fuel science and research company, GPS Industries, creator of GPS-related sporting equipment, Kalorama Studios, a major motion picture and event site in Washington, D.C., TrendSphere, a think tank and consultancy for Fortune 500 Chief Technology Officers, and Vemics, creator of breakthrough collaboration technologies. Previously, Mr. Whitelaw served as Vice President of Mergers & Acquisitions at Grady & Hatch.
    Find out more at www.rocketracingleague.com

    Peter Smith
    Principal Investigator for University of Arizona Mission to Mars

    Dr. Mark Sykes
    Director of the Planetary Science Institute at Tucson, AZ

    Dr. Alan Stern
    Executive Director of Space Science and Engineering at the South West Research Institute

    In Memorium...
    Al Lewis
    "Granpa" of the Munsters

    Elliot Epstein
    President Airliners Distribution Inc., ADI
    on Di-Cast Airplane Models

    Mike McCann
    of Perspective Financial Services
    on Beginning to Invest and Investing Terror Free

    Eric Knight
    CEO of UP Aerospace - More on space commercialization

    Richard Kestner
    Executive Director for the New Mexico Office of Space Commercialization

    Al White
    Legendary B-70 Bomber Test Pilot, part 1
    Al White
    Legendary B-70 Bomber Test Pilot, part 2

    Brian Thomas
    What Is an Otter Box and What Do You Do With It?

    Mark Polansky
    Former Head of Astronaut Traing...
    Future Commander of STS116

    Dave Finley
    Pub. Information Officer, VLA
    The Very Large Array - National Radio Astronomy Observatory

    Guenter Wendt
    Pad Leader at Kennedy Space Center
    Author of The Unbroken Chain

    Jeremy Cook
    Lead Flight Director
    Challenger Learning Center of the SW

    Trade Martin
    A Song for Tsunami Relief from a Famous Jazz Artist

    Craige Ryan
    The Pre-Astronauts
    Author of Magnificent Failures

    Sean Heatherington
    What to do with a new telescope
    Sean is a 13 year old student graduating from Desert Sky Middle School in Phoenix, AZ

    Michael Owens
    Space Day 2004 Spokesperson, a sophomore at Prescott High School in Arizona

    Robert Godwin
    CEO of Apogee Books talks about his commitment to science publishing and his new book

    Curt Newport
    Deep Space with the discoverer of the Liberty 7 capsule

    Captain Elio Pompa
    Training Captain and Information Officer, Glendale, AZ Fire Department

    Steve Johnson
    Administrative Director, Academy of Radio and TV Broadcasting

    Dave Birkley
    Operations manager for ADI on Gemini Jets and commercial aviation

    Scott Roberts
    VP National Sales for Mead Instruments talks telescopes

    Mary Jo Conniff
    Placement Director and Vocal Coach
    Academy of TV and Radio Broadcasting

    Mike Moore
    Science Philosopher
    The possibility of Life on Mars!

    Hugh Downs
    Legendary broadcaster, and former co-host of "20/20"

    Al Lewis
    "Granpa" of the "The Munsters"